Publication Unit

Publication Unit

Faculty of Dentistry

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Gadjah Mada commit to be a world class research university which is independent and respected, imbued by Pancasila values dedicate to the society interest in the field of Oral and Dental Health, as stated in the vision. As a part of global community and to realize its vision, Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Gadjah mada realize the importance of widely scientific publication to build communication among academician, researcher, society and industry. Under the coordination of Vice Dean for Research, Community Service and Partnership, Publication Unit is developed to increase the quality and the quantity of scientific publication in the Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Gadjah mada. Publication Unit is responsible for motivating the academician to write a good article/ paper as a way to deliver their idea, innovation, and invention based on the good research practice. Thus, collaboration with another unit or institution is established to hold trainings those can increase the quality of scientific publication such as a scientific publication training, research data management, and clinical test practice.

Publication Unit is responsible to facilitate the scientific publication activity at the Faculty of Dentistry UGM. Now, there are two scientific journals which are Dentistry Magazine and The Indonesian Journal of Dental Research (The Indonesian JDR) and one internal scientific publication using display media under the faculty coordination. In another hand, publication synergy through the cooperation between the scientific journal management with the seminar of training committee is also established.


For further information about Publication Unit Faculty of Dentistry UGM, please contact:

Retno Ardhani