Ethics and Advocacy Unit


            Advocacy and Ethics Unit is a unit that assists the faculty governance in socializing ethical problem, rule and regulation. This unit also advocates the academician component that needs. In addition, this unit has Medical Research Ethics Committee that is responsible for reviewing the medical research ethics. Advocacy and Ethics Unit members are representatives of lecturers, professors, educational staff, students and community figures.

Medical Research Ethics Committee Faculty of Dentistry UGM facilitates the researchers from the Faculty of Dentistry or other faculties to get research ethics clearance. Research ethics clearance is an important part that has to be carried out by the researchers before conducting the research. Researches for academic interest such as undergraduate thesis, postgraduate thesis, and dissertation have to fulfill the ethics clearance as a part of ethics committee educational institute in reviewing that will emphasize on learning side by giving suggestion and idea, so the research can be conducted without violating scientific rule, ethics and law.