Cooperation and Business Development Unit

Business Development Unit works under the instruction from Vice Dean for Research, Community Service and Cooperation, and the coordination with Vice Dean for Finance, Asset and Human Resources. The main responsibility of business development unit is assisting the asset management at Faculty of Dentistry to provide service for the academician through cooperation with some organizations and businesses. Some services at Faculty of Dentistry provided through this unit are canteen, complete shop, (in cooperation with women association Faculty of Dentistry, korpagama and retired community), photocopy service, practicum material and dental instruments outlet (in cooperation with Faculty of Dentistry Foundation), bank cash office (in cooperation with Mandiri Bank, BRI and BNI), auditorium and official car management.

Beside the responsibilities mentioned above, this unit assists Vice Dean for Finance, Asset and Human Resources to manage the parking area at Faculty of Dentistry. To carry out those duties, this unit coordinates with campus security and safety unit and parking officers.

Information, idea, and suggestion to this unit can be delivered through the head of business development unit (venture) Faculty of Dentistry UGM:

drg Asikin Nur, M.Kes., Ph.D

Biomedical Division – Faculty of Dentistry UGM

Email :