Orthodontics Specialist Study Program

Profile of Orthodontics Specialist Study Program Faculty of Dentistry UGM

The Orthodontics Specialist Study Program Faculty of Dentistry carries out the education, research, community service of oral and dental health specialization professionally. The aim of this program is to create the qualified orthodontics specialist based on the standard from the World Federation Orthodontic (WFO) and Orthodontic Collegium Indonesia.

The curriculum of Orthodontics Study Program consists of the subjects in each semester which refers to the competence standard of Orthodontics Specialist Study Program based on WFO curriculum. The graduates of Orthodontics Study Program should have the competence provision imbued by the principles of believing one God, have a good character and social oriented, responsible, professional, and ethical in the field of Orthodontics.

In science and technology development, the umbrella research which allows lecturers and students work together has been implemented. For students, the research gives functions as their thesis research and for the lecturers it is beneficial to increase the accreditation score of orthodontics study program.

To anticipate the social need on the malocclusion case treatment which is a multidisciplinary, the Orthodontics Specialist study program creates the graduates who are able to play a role in the interdisciplinary treatment of an orthonagtic maxillofacial case and related cases such as cleft lip and palate treatment.

Vision of Orthodontics Study Program

To be excellent, innovative, and global oriented study program and serve the nation interest and humanity imbued by the cultural values and professionalism based on Pancasila

Mission of Orthodontic Study Program

To carry out education, research, community service in the field of orthodontics professionally and to preserve the excellent, beneficial and global perspective sciences


To create Specialist Program of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry as an excellent specialist study program in Indonesia and have a global perspective through:

  1. Qualified education to produce excellent, competent, creative, specialist and professional graduates supported by the local wisdom
  2. Research that become the national reference, environmentally oriented and responsive towards the health problem in the field of orthodontics.
  3. Sustainable dedication and service to society professionally in the field of Orthodontics
  4. Management of Specialist Program of Orthodontics FKG UGM that is equitable, transparent, participatory, accountable and integrated to support the effectiveness and efficiency of the resources utilization by prioritizing academician and educational staff welfare
  5. Strategic, synergic, and sustainable cooperation with partners