Department of Oral Biology

Department of Oral Biology


immunocytoche  Oral Biology deals with the nature of oral-craniofacial tissues and with the application of basic scientific knowledge of normal, as well as, pathologic oral tissues. In the field of Oral Biology, the distinctive combination of structures, tissue types and functions of the oral-craniofacial complex is combined with the basic scientific disciplines in unique point of view to gain the objections of improving the novel and adequate methods to manage, cure or prevent diseases. The Oral Biology Department has responsibilities in research and education on the graduate and postgraduate levels. Theories, case studies and interactive activities are preferred as learning methods, in which include areas in oral immunology; oral-facial growth and development including oral tissue structure and function, as well as their interactions with other organ bodies in normal and/or pathological conditions; wound healing and tissue repair; biology of caries; aetiology of periodontal disease; oral molecular and cellular biology. This course encourages active participation of the students in reviewing scientific articles as the basis for paradigm shifts in clinical diagnosis and treatments. Student’s scientific reviews and problem solving sessions are carried out by doing oral presentations, as well as writing assignment reports of laboratory works. This course builds up and challenges students capability to involve in leading oral health research. Moreover, continuing innovative methods to gain as much as information will encourage student to be sustainable learners throughout their life.



The Department of Oral Biology aims to achieve academic excellence in Oral Biology Field



To foster high quality research and education in oral-facial heath science based on international standards; to engage students in the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge; to encourage department staffs’ achievements in a supportive and congenial environment.


The active involvement in the current development of basic and multidisciplinaryhealth sciences, will lead this department in the contribution of the national health, especially in the improvement of dental care and oral health.




1.       Oral tissue regeneration, oral immunology, oral enzymology

2.       Oral fluids, oral soft tissue and herbal medicine

3.       Cellular and molecular responses of host cells to the exposure of oral bacteria (Streptococcus sanguinis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa)

4.       Microbiology and immunology related to caries

5.       Periodontal tissues, and the relation between periodontal disease and systemic diseases




1.       Prof. Dr. drg. Regina TC. Tandelilin, MSc.

2.       Dr. drg. Juni Handajani, MKes, PhD

3.       Drg. Tetiana Haniastuti, MKes, PhD

4.       Drg. Heni Susilowati, MKes, PhD

5.       Drg. Alma Linggar Jonarta, MKes