Department Dental Biomaterials

Profile  Department Dental Biomaterials

Department of  Dental Biomaterials was established in 1995, formerly it was started as Department of Dental Materials. 

There are six teaching staff : 1. Prof. Dr.drg. Widowati S., MS., 2. Dr. drg. Widjijono, SU., 3. Drg. Purwanto Agustiono, SU., 4. Drg. Harsini, MS., 5. Drg. Dyah Irnawati, MS., and 6. Dr.drg. Siti Sunarintyas, MKes.

The courses are taught in three semesters. The first  two semesters cover  dental materials  with their  structures, compositions, properties, and manipulations. The development of dental materials and its interaction with human is taught in one semester . To complete the teaching activities, the students follow laboratory skill for one semester. 

 Next to the teaching activities, the staff are doing researches, especially developing local herbs and materials. At this moment a joint research with  Dental School of The Hong Kong University is performed in  developing an advanced material, namely Fiber Reincorfed Composite


Dental Biomaterials I

Dental Biomaterials I is an obligatory course. This course describes the development, structure, composition,  properties, selection, manipulation,  and evaluation of  dental materials for  functional  and esthetical rehabilitation  in stomatognathic  system. Topics  include   dental material standards,  dental material properties, impression materials,  gypsum products, dental waxes, acrylic resins, metals and alloys, and amalgam filling materials. Dental Biomaterials I  consists of 2 credit hour lectures  and is offerared  in first year. The lectures are delivered  by dental biomaterials team teaching  using   student centered learning system.


Dental Biomaterials Science II

Dental Biomaterial Science II consists of 1 credit course and 1 credit skills laboratory. The subject learns  the aspects of dental materials  which is related to dental health,  direct or indirectly contacted with the human tissue. The courses include the composition, application and biocompatibility of  dental cement, composites resin,  bonding materials, bio-adhesion and auxilliary materials. The method of the study is students-centered learning. 


Dental Biomaterials III

The scope of Dental Biomaterials III comprises the biocompatibility of materials as it is used in the oral cavity, and  introduces the physical, mechanical, and  chemical properties of the future dental materials. The lectures consist of  : biocompatibility science, dental implantology,  dental medicaments, and the development of new dental materials. Lectures are managed by a team of teachers with students-centered learning method. The subject is for 1 credit.