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drg. Dyah Irnawati, M.S.  

Determining minimal blocked concentration and minimal kill concentration of suspension Cu (II)-Natural Zeolite in Aquades on Albicans Candida

Anindya Laksmi Dewi  
Dr. drg. Widjijono, S.U. The Influence of Paraffin/Ca-bentonite ratio in Carved Candle Composition towards Compression Set
drg. Harsini, M.S. Ethanolic Extract of Guava Monkey Trunk Skin (Anacardium Occidentele Linn.) as Rinse Substance towards the growth blocked energy of A. actinomycentemcommitans bacteria
Tutut Prabantari Anindyajati  
Dr. drg. Siti Sunarintyas, M.Kes The Influence of Resin Matrix Composition towards the releasing of monomer fiber reinforced composite for false tooth bridge
Nur Shadrina Izzati Sahidu
drg. Purwanto Agustiono, S.U. The Influence of Matrix Consistency towards the Power of Flexural Fiber Reinforced Composite Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)
Dedhy Kukuh Setiawan (08/267791/KG/8320)
drg. Diatri Nari Ratih, M.Kes, Sp KG., PhD The Influence of Casein Phosphopeptide-amorphus calcium phosphate towards the Power of Flexural and modulus elasticity of email-dentin extra coronal post-bleaching
Kemal Faiz Setyawan  
drg. Yulita Kristanti, M.Kes, Sp KG. The Effectiveness of lemon as anti-bacteria towards Streptococcus Alpha (In vitro)
drg. Ema Mulyawati, M.S., SpKG. The Influence of Hydracids Calcium with three kinds of different mixture substances (Saline, Glycerin and Camphorated Chlorophenol) towards root canal dentine micro violation
Anissya Nuryana
drg. Wingyo Hadriyanto, M.S., SpKG(K) The Influence of 35% and 40% H2O2 towards the nanofil type composite resin discoloration (in the black tea water, an in vitro study)
Made Tosan Aji Pamungkas Mimba  
drg. Tunjung Nugraheni, M.Kes, SpKG. The Differences of composite resin second class Cavity Restoration Micro Leakage with three types of Intermediate layers
Hendargo Agung
drg. Margareta Rinastiti, M.Kes, PhD The Influence of nanofil layer material application towards the surface coarseness  and flowable and packable composite resin color stability
Dr. drg. Juni Handajani, M.Kes, PhD The Phagocytosis Activity and macrophage cell IL-1b level exposed by A. Actinomycetemcomitans after giving white curcuma atsiri oil (curcuma zedoaria Rosc., Zingiberaceae) (A study on Wistar Mice)
Siti Fatimah
Antinah Latif
Ristini Asih (Kajian pada tikus wistar)
drg. Tetiana Haniastuti, M.Kes, PhD The Effect of red betel leaf towards the growth and hydrophobicity of sobrinus streptococcus cell surface
drg. Alma Linggar Jonarta, M.Kes The Effect of coli Escherichia Lipopolysaccharide topical application on periodontal tissue towards the periodontal tissue and lungs (An In vivo Study on wistar mice)
Innayati Oktiana Y
drg. Heni Susilowati, M.Kes, PhD The profile of nucleus morphology change and HeLa epitel cell DNA damage after sanguineous Streptococcus oral commensal bacteria exposure
Prof. Dr. drg. Munakhir Ms, S.U., SpRKG(K) The Difference of mandibular bone measurement result on panoramic radiograph and 3D Dental CT


drg. Rini Widyaningrum  
drg. Sri Kuswandari, M.S., SpKGA., PhD The Relationship between dental bend dimension and children face dimension based on dental stage
drg. Emut Lukito, S.U., SpKGA(K) Etiology and upper anterior deciduous teeth persistence treatment in the Pediatric Dentistry Clinic RSGM Prof. Soedomo
drg. Putri Kusuma Wardhani M, M.Kes, SpKGA. The Influence of Citronella (symbopogon citratus) Infusion with various concentrations towards the alpha streptococcus growth from the child dental plaque through ex vivo
Dr. drg. Indah Titien S, S.U., SpKGA(K) The Influence of drooling on saliva status of a cerebral palsy child
drg. Sri Pramestri Lastianny, M.S., SpPerio(K) The Influence of 5% garlic ethanol extract irrigation after scaling and root planning towards the gingival health condition of a fixed orthodontic appliance user
Aji Putri Amanda Jayanthi
drg. Prayitno, S.U. The Difference of Antibacterial Effectiveness of green betel leaf (piper betle Linn) infusion and red betel leaf (Piper crocatum Ruiz & Pav.) infusion towards alpha Streptococcus Plaque bacteria (An in vitro study)
Prima Ananta Putra (08204/KG)
drg. Kwartarini Murdiastuti, SpPerio(K), PhD The Effectiveness of katekin green tea (Camellia sinesis) on periodontal dressing towards Aggregatibacter Actinomy-cetemcomitans bacteria growth (An in vitro Study)
Astiarini Miftahuljanah
drg. Hendrawati, M.Kes The Influence of 5% siwak (Salvadora persica) extract irrigation towards the gingivitis recovery
Endhira Lentik Rousstia (08015/KG)
drg. Suryono, PhD The use of propolis-based Alveolar Dressing on Periodontal Pocket Treatment (A Clinical Study on Periodontal Tissue Recovery on Periodontitis Patients Post-Scaling)
drg. Rezmelia Sari
Tresy Charlotte Marito
Prof. Dr. drg. Sudibyo, S.U., SpPerio(K) The Influence of Fragrance in the tooth paste content towards the level of oral cleanness (A Clinical approach study in the Muhammadiyah orphanage, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta)
drg. Dahlia Herawati, S.U., SpPerio(K) The Effectiveness of Irrigation Compared to Rinse by using citronella (Cymbopogon citrates) Atsiri Oil liquid towards the gingival pocket depth and the number of Leucocyte
Dr. drg. Ahamd Syaify, Sp Perio (K) The Influence of Blood Sugar Level on the Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients towards the Periodontal Ligament Thickness (A Radiographic Study on Periodontal Membrane)
Helena Jelita (0580/KG)
drg. Titik Ismiyati, M.S., SpPros(K) The Influence of high Chitosan molecular weight as an anti-function towards the hardness of acrylic resin dentures base plate
Emanuella Sugeha (08167/KG)
drg. Heriyanti Amalia K, M.S., SpPros(K) The Influence of 5% chitosan Oligomer as the disinfectant towards the alginate dressing dimension change
Chatarina Ria Ekhualine
drg. Endang Wahyunigtyas, M.S., Sp Pros(K) The Influence of chicken claw gelatin as the bone substitution material towards the sitotocsisity on the fibroblast cell culture
Novi Tenripada
drg. Erwan Sugiatno, M.S., Sp Pros (K), PhD The Influence of Silane Tri mectoxi Propyl criloxy meta on the monomer self-curing towards the transverse streng value of acrylic resin denture base reparation result
Hendra (08187/KG)
Prof. Dr. drg. Haryo Mustiko D, M.S., Sp Pros(K) The Influence of thiethoxy vinyl silane of acrylic resin denture base heat curing reparation case on the transverse strength experiment
Silsilia (08168/KG)
drg. Suparyono Saleh, SpPros(K) The Influence of residronate (pyridinyl bisphosphonate) towards the alkaline phosphatase (ALP) expression at endosseous tooth implant substructure surrounding
Antonius Surya Soetijono Putra (08188/KG)
drg. Murti Indrastuti, M Kes.,Sp Pros (K) A Survey of Patient Satisfaction towards the dental implant in the RSGM Prof. Soedomo Faculty of Dentistry UGM
Putu Krisna Daratama (08264/KG)
drg. Ivan Arie Wahyudi, M.Kes, PhD The Influence of hydrogel-cha application towards the capability of Vero fibroblast cell proliferation and mineralization
Kiki Maharani Fadhilah (08292/KG)
drg. Archadian Nuryanti, M.Kes The Influence of application angle and ultrasonic scaling duration towards the microscopic figure of tooth damage (in vitro)
Fania Chairunisa (08325/KG)
drg. Triana Wahyu Utami, MDSc, PhD The Influence of Binahong (Anredera cordifolia) ethanol extract towards the number of neutrophil and macrophage in the process of Rattus norvegicus gingival mucosa wound recovery
Wisnu Rachmanto (0812/KG)
drg. Nunuk Purwanti, M.Kes, PhD The Influence of periodontitis induction duration towards the ratio of neutrophil Lymphocyte (A study on wistar mice)
drg. Rendra Christeddy Prasetya (PKG/00684)
drg. Sri Budiarti, M.S. The Oral Health Status of narcotic user in the Narcotic Prison Yogyakarta


Hantari Rahmawati (08388/KG)
A. Prima Vista O.R (08390/KG)  
Rena Fuji Erin (08468/KG)  
drg. Bernadetta Esti Chrismawaty, M.Kes.,MDSc Hypo salivation Diagnostic Test from Schirmer test Modification and the relevance to the clinical criteria of saliva gland and xerostomia status, a study on type 2 diabetes mellitus patient
drg. Supriatno, M.Kes.,MDSc., PhD The Influence of circadian rhythm towards the production of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) oral
Hajar Novelty Wity (08123/KG)
drg. Goeno Subagyo, Sp O Path The relationship between xerostomia and symptoms related to hypo salivation on aged
drg. Sri Hadiati, S.U. The tongue mechanic cleaning by using tongue scraper to decrease the volatile sulfur compounds level of patient’s breath at RSGM Prof. Soedomo Faculty of Dentistry UGM
Maria Triananingsih (08337/KG)
Dr. drg. Dewi Agustina, MDSc Validity, Reliability and Instrument Application Test of didle (Dental Impact Daily Living) on Aged in Yogyakarta city
Dwi Suhartiningtyas (PKG/574)
drg. Rahardjo, S.U., SpBM. The Influence of flap marginal and Para marginal design towards wound dehiscence of post-operative mandibular third molar odontectomy
drg. Elisabeth Riyati Titit Astuti, M.Kes, SpBM.
drg. Pingky Krisna Arindra (PKG/540)  
drg. Poerwati Soetji Rahajoe, SpBM. The radiographic figure of the third molar root closeness to mandibular canal as a risk factor of post ondontectomy alveolar inferior nerve injury
drg. Cahya Yustisia Hasan, SpBM.
R.A. Happy Roosdiana Devi P (5550C/KG/PP.SP/11)
drg. E. Riyati Titi Astuti, M.Kes, SpBM. Dysfunction of alveolar inferior nerves as a result of local anesthesia on odontectomy
drg. Rahardjo, S.U., SpBM
drg. Anik Khoiriyah (5550G/KG/PP.SP/11)  
drg. Cahya Yustisia Hasan, SpBM. The difficulty level of lower teeth molar impaction teeth odontectomy as a risk factor of alveolar inferior nerves injury
drg. Poerwati Soetji Rahajoe, SpBM.
drg. Adi Subekti Putra (5550f/KG/PP.SP/11)  
drg. Prihartiningsih, S.U., SpBM(K) The Influence of denhart mouth gag use towards the functional disc displacement on three impaction molar odontectomy under general anesthesia
drg. M. Masykur Rahmat, SpBM(K)
drg. Raden Rara Indradewi Sutikno (PKG/428)
drg. Christnawati, M.Kes, SpOrt(K) The relationship between vertical direction face skeletal and nose soft tissue morphology of deutero-melayu people
drg. Agus Suprapto (422/KG)
drg. Wayan Ardhana, M.S., SpOrt(K) The Height Comparison of maxillary and mandibular bone in interincisal central region between pre and post orthodontic treatment with four premolars I extraction (A study on panoramic photo)
drg. Afini Putri Luthfianty (PKG/557)
drg. JCP. Heryumani S, M.S., SpOrt(K) The Relationship between the largeness of gonion and overbite angle on angle class I malocclusion of Javanese (A Sefalometric study)
drg. Ruliyanto (PKG/568)
Prof. Dr. drg. Pinandi Si Pudyani, S.U., SpOrt(K) The Influence of orthodontic treatment with extraction and without extraction on soft tissue profile change on class I malocclusion borderline case
drg. Yenni Hanimastuti (PKG/00627)
drg. Cendrawasih AF, M Kes.,Sp Ort The Comparison of Osteoclast amount on dental changing with replantation technique and orthodontic technique on cavia cobaya
Reni Kurniasari (PKG/670)
drg. Bambang Priyono, S.U. The relationship between the worker mouth smell and the performance related to public relation
Muhamad Satrio (08521/KG)
drg. Yuni Pamardinigsih, M.Kes The Factors influencing the Orthodontic Treatment Motivation on teens (a study on high school students in Semarang)
Annisa Rizki Riandari (08158/KG)
drg. Sri Rezeky Damayanti, M.Kes The Relationship between oral and dental health status and Oral health related quality of life (a study on the patient of RSGMP Prof. Soedomo Yogyakarta)
Afina Hasnasari Heningtyas (08179/KG)
drg. Rosa Amalia, M.Kes The Patient Understanding on Dentistry General Terminology in the Prof. Soedomo Oral and Dental Hospital Faculty of Dentistry UGM
Nina Hertiwi Putri (08287/KG)
Prof.Dr.drg. Iwa Sutardjo RS, SU.,SpKGA(K) The Need of Early Malocclusion Treatment on Mixture Tooth Early Time Children in the  Rumah Sakit Gigi Dan Mulut Pendidikan Prof Soedomo FKG UGM Yogyakarta


Ennita Rakhmwati, drg. (11/324612/PKG/00692)
drg. Ign. Sulistyo Jatmiko, M es.,Sp KGA The Influence of Testing Time towards the Fissure Sealing Edge Leakage
Afifah Intan Kemala (08/267807/KG/8324) fissure sealing
Prof. Dr.drg. Regina TC. Tandelilin, MSc The Physic-chemical Analysis on Bone Tissue Regeneration Mechanism by Using Allograft Implantation Compared to Alloplastic Graft


Nur Rachman AS Aji (08/267936/KG/08339)
drg. Bambang Dwirahardjo, Sp BM The Satisfaction Level of Impaction Operation Treatment Patient treated by Oral Surgery Specialist Dentist and Oral Surgery Resident at RSGM Faculty of Dentistry UGM


Karina Supanji (11/323974/PKG/662)
drg. M.Th. Esti Tjahjanti, M Kes.,Sp Pros (K) The Influence of False Tooth Quality towards the tooth user patient satisfaction
Putu Krisna daratama/08/264749/KG/08264  
drg. Darmawan Sutantyo, SU.,Sp Ort (K) The Deutro-Malayan frontal face width size and the difference between men and women
Darmayanti Dian Suryani (10/306197/PKG/564)  
drg. Dibyo Pramono, SU.,MDSc Smoking as a risk factor of periodontal diseases case
Betagia Swandhika Wisesa (07/252193/KG/08197)  
drg. M. Masykur Rahmat, SpBM(K) The Effectiveness of Medical Collagen Sponge Use on the bone effect cure from Mandibular three Molar Ondontectomy


M. Bahrul Luthfianto (07/304537/PKG/448)
drg. Sri Suparwitri, SU.,Sp Ort (K) The Age Influence towards TGF-b Expression on the orthodontic dental movement
Bayu Ananda Paryontri (488/KG/SP/09  
Maria Ivana Ardiani Ismawan (11/323829/PKG/650)  
Dr. drg. Julita Hendrartini, M Kes The Evaluation on Capitation Payment of the Family Dentist in Sleman
Niken Nurwiyanti (07/7250358/KG/8139)