Vision and Mission

Visi, Misi, dan Tujuan


To be an international level faculty which is excellent, innovative, and dedicate towards the nation interest and imbued by the culture and professionalism value based on Pancasila


To carry out education, research, dedication and service towards the society in the field of oral and dental health professionally with the excellent science preservation, beneficial and having global perspective.


To create Faculty of Dentistry UGM as the excellent faculty in Indonesia with the international reputation through:

  1. Qualified Education in order to create an axcellent, competent, creative, and professional alumni that support the local wisdom
  2. Research that will be a national reference, environment perspective and responsive towards the oral and dental health problem
  3. Dedication and Service to the society that can trigger the society autonomous in the field of oral and dental health sustainably
  4. Faculty good governance wich is equitable, transparent, partisipative, accountable and integrated in order to support the effectivity and efficiency the utilization of natural resourse by prioritizing the civic academica welfare.
  5. Strategic, synergic and sustainable cooperation with the partner university