Students affairs


To create a creative, innovative, critical and competent students of Faculty of Dentistry UGM,  believe to the One and Only God and actively taking part to actualize FKG UGM as the World Class of Research Faculty


  1. To develop professional attitude in the internal board
  2. To enhance the good service towards the students of Faculty of Dentistry and also conduct a community service
  3. To support the effort of students of Faculty of Dentistry to develop their quality


  1. Secretariat and Household Bureau

The Bureau that manage all the administration and inventarisation of Students Family (KM) and have the responsibility to make the secretariat of KM FKG UGM as a comfortable, clean, neat and   tidy, thus it can give the pleasant place for the KM member or the students.

  1. Enterpreneurship Bureau

The division of venture fund has the responsibility to train the entrepeneurship towards the students. To develop a perseverance and independent spirit among the Faculty of Dentistry students, and to seek an additional funding that can be used for the event organized by the KM FKG UGM

  1. Human resources development Department (PSDM)

Responsible to the human resources who was involved with KM UGM. The focus work point of this department is to shape the character and improve the potential of its member and staff. Beside that, PSDM also observe the effectivity of each member and the sense of belonging towards the KM as the student’s family.

  1. Advocacy and Strategic Studies Department

Department who gives the advocacy towards the students and also conducting a study about the strategic issues in a faculty or in a university scope.


  1. Networking Department

This department are expected to be the link between the KM FKG UGM with various instance from inside or outside the university, as the communication media and dissemination of information, to create and extend the relation among the health faculty in UGM or outside UGM in regional or national level.

  1. Community Service Department

This department focuses on social activity such as the counseling or the social service towards the society in health sector especially on the oral and dental healthcare.

  1. Art Department

To facilitate and improve all kind of individual or groups creativity in student’s scope especially in the field of art to gain the communication, dynamic and qualified inter-culture interaction to face the culture development globally and giving the positive value towards the growth of art while still respecting each other as a human being.

  1. Sports Department

To facilitate the students interest especially in the field of sport

  1. Journalistic Department

To improve the students interest in the field of journalistic



  1. KAMMUS (Moslem Students Family)
  2. KMK (Catholic Students Family)
  3. PMK (Christian Students Family)
  4. DEPA (Denta Paramitha)


Scholarship given to the Students

  • BBM
  • PPA
  • BOP