As the time goes by, Faculty of Dentistry UGM trying to actualize the sustainable innovation in order to implement its vision and mission

Campus is expected to be the academic excellence center, new science contributor, society empowerment, and also social relevance to create the autonomous and welfare livelihood. The independent and equitable society is the vision of health sector which is launched by the Indonesian Health Ministry. Faculty of Dentistry UGM as an institution which create the dentist alumni that will be an expert in providing the healthcare service, have a role and responsibility to take part on integral part to realize those vision.

The role and responsibilities were actualized by conducting a series of educational activity, research and community service which is hand in hand with the vision and mission and also aims of the Faculty of Dentistry UGM, to take part in realizing the national goal in health sector


Dr. drg. Ahmad Syaify, Sp.Perio(K)


Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Dentistry UGM have an enormous alumnus which is spread all over the whole nation on a various profession, neither as an educator nor a research on various universities or education institution, or as a staff on various government instance. Government-owned industry/private and also other important occupation. This prove that the Faculty of Dentistry has succeed in creating the dentist alumnus which can actively taking a part in the society. Those successes of course owing to all of the whole staff hardwork in Faculty of Dentistry. Realized that the education is a dynamic process, thus the Faculty of Dentistry UGM always improve itself by involving various element also its facilities; such as vision, mission and education facilities, curriculum, teaching staff or other physical facilities. Nowadays, Faculty of Dentistry already capable to place itself as the best Dentist Education Place in Indonesia and gaining the A accreditation from National Higher Education Acreditation Board (BAN-PT)

Facility of Research Laboratorium

Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Gadjah Mada have the 5 floor main building which have a wide atrium. This building is the center of the activity for faculty administration, the official faculty room, lecturer room, assembly room and also a dental care service room that is Dental and Oral Hospital Prof Soedomo. This room was equipped with the patient waiting room, polyclinic for dental care and treatment, labolatorium room, radiology unit and canteen. Beside the main building, Faculty of Dentistry also equipped with the 3 floor Building and one 2 floor and one building for the lectures activity, and several one floor building for pre-clinical practicum and library. All of those building was located in one complex with a center courtyard and a wide parking area.