Reregistration of Diploma, Undergraduate, Profession, and Postgraduate Students in the Even Semester Academic Year of 2015/2016

Dear all Diploma, Undergraduate, Profession and Postgraduate students of UGM,

Reregistration and payment of tuition fee in the even semester Academic Year of 2015/2016 are as following:

  1. The obligation of reregistration

Students of 2015 and the previous year class who will continue to study in the even semester academic year of 2015/2016 and other students who have not pass graduation exercise till 31 January 2016 are obliged to reregister and pay the tuition fee.

  1. Time and Place for reregistration

The payment duration starts from 4 to 31 January 2016 at BNI, Mandiri Bank, BTN, BRI, Syariah Mandiri Bank

The Payment steps can be checked on the reregistration payment procedures on


  • The option of active or inactive student remains based on the previous agreement. Study program or faculty, willing the student to be active, should firstly pay host to host. The deadline for the payment is Monday, 7 September 2015.
  • Starting from next semester, delay payment is not Therefore, the announcement from the Directorate of Education and Teaching will only mention the payment period and it is announced two months before of the payment period starts via Palawa academic portal. If the student does not pay the tuition till the end of the period, the student is considered inactive.
  • Palawa will be activated in all level of education (undergraduate, vocation, postgraduate) and all reminders about the payment will be attached in palawa

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