CERIL Period Desember 2016 “Implant Intraoseus As Support Restoration After Endodontik Surgery”

BREAKING NEWS!!! FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT please send your email address Implant technology being used in dental conservation. What and how technique “IMPLANT INTRAOSSEUS” going to discussed in: “CERIL EXHIBITION DAN TABLE CLINIC PERIODE DESEMBER 2016 – EDISI CPD IKORGI” Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi Universitas Gadjah Mada (Terakreditasi PB PDGI dan IKORGI Cabang UGM Yogyakarta)   *”Implant Intraoseus […]

Oral and Dental Health Cadre Training in Panjangrejo, Bantul

Faculty of Dentistry UGM together with Pundong Public Health Center, Bantul, Yogyakarta conducted an Oral and Dental Health Cadre Training on 22-23 July 2016. Faculty of Dentistry team consists of drg. Pramudya Aditama MDSc, drg. Fimma Naritasari, Leny Pratiwi A.S, S.Kp.G.MDSc while Pundong Public Health Center’s team consists of drg. Sapta Adisuka M.Ph.D, drg.Andhini Tria […]